Durga Puja — World Heritage Festival Of Bengal Celebrating Globally

UNESCO declares the festival of Durga Puja as World Heritage Festival of Bengal on 15th December 2021. Durga Puja is a world famous festival celebrated in the form of ‘Celebration of Shakti’. Originated in West Bengal, India.

In Hindu Mythology described the feminine as mother or Shakti. Shakti rupini Ma Durga symbolized with 10 hands and weapons. Riding on her pet Lion, She fights against the evil and destroy all Demons. She is the creator of earth, mother of earth, blessed her children with freedom from evil, demons and all negative energy with her 10 hands.  

The Story Behind The Festival Durga Puja

Devi Durga, Goddess Mahamaya was created by Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. They combined their powers to destroy the big powerful demon called Mahishashura, who was then king of demons. He was blessed with a boon of immortality by the God Brahma.

He started to torture the Trilok (Swarg lok, Morto lok and Patal lok combined as Trilok). He placed himself as Trilokeshwar instead of God. He fought with Gods in Swarg lok, to surrender them to him, as king of God.

The whole universe was frightened with his army and their horrifying torture. They killed people to eat them, pour blood on pilgrims worship place called as “Yagna Kunda” and killed them. 

All Rishis and pilgrims then plead to Deborshi Narad and prayed to save them. Narad who is also a great devotee of Vishnu, plead to Narayana to save the Universe from destruction of Mahishashur. Trilokeshwar Narayana then meet with Brahma the God of “Shrishti” (the maker of Universe) and Maheshwara the God of “Destruction”. 

Mahishashura was booned for immortality.  No man or animals in the earth could  kill him but he will be killed by a woman, was predicted by Brahma. So Trishakti (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar combined called Trishakti) worshiped Mahamaya the Shakti of Universe, to save the Universe from evil, to kill Mahishashura. 

Trishakti succeeded to please Devi  with their prayer and Addyashkti Mahamaya appeared. They prepared her with their ultimate weapons and power of Trishakti, Other Gods also given their power and weapons to decorate her 10 hands. She was given the power of all energy of Trilok and named “Durga” as durgati nashini of the universe. 

As told, She first appeared to Mahishashura as a normal lady to advise him for begging mercy for whatever he had done and She would forgive him. but Mahishashura laughed at her and wanted to marry her. He was not aware of that She was not just a normal lady.

Then Mahamaya appeared in her original face and told him to surrender and She will forgive him. But he told he was immortal, and a woman can do nothing harm for him. He denied to surrender to a woman and ready for war and the war Begun.

Mahishashura was the son of “Mahish” (Buffalo). He can disguise like any animal or human also. Ma Durga appeared in her original form and attacked on Mahishashura. The big army of demon attacked to God army and demons started to kill and eat them.

Mahishashura attacked with different form of disguised and trying to confuse Devi Durga.  Mahamaya knew everything and defeated him to his all tricks. At last he attacked on his own form, as a “Mahish”(“Buffalo”), Ma Durga detached his head and placed her foot on his chest after stabbing her “Trishul”(the weapon of Triumph) into his body.

The war was long lasted as 15 days and Ma Durga killed the most dangerous Mahishashura with her “Trishul” that given by Maheshwara (Lord ‘Shiva’ the destroyer of Universe). 

The whole Universe delighted with Joy, at last they got rid of all darkness of evil with the blessings of goodness and ray of hope. They started to worship Devi Durga as celebration of joy in the form of biggest festival on earth “Durga Puja”. It is celebrated all over the World as Triumph of goodness over evil in all cast and religious.  

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