About Us

Durga Festival is a subdomain blog of Travel India Plus. You can find it from https://durgafestival.travelindiaplus.com. You can get details about us on Travel India Plus’s About Us Page.

Durga Festival is dedicated to the details about Durga Puja and other festivals like Diwali which is related to Durga Festivals. Durga Puja is declared as Heritage Festival of Bengal by UNESCO. It is world famous festival which is celebrated almost all over the world. So we can say it is vast and huge to describe in any small spaces. That’s why Durga Festival deserve an extra attention for describe it’s vastness.

We think every body in the world should know about our cultures, heritage and festivals like Durga Puja. It is an initiative to spread the Heritage Festival Of Bengal to the world. People also want to know about the history and stories regarding the festival and related to Durga Incarnations. So many type of retuals are involve to perform the total worship of Goddess Durga, is really worth to be known and nice to watch also.

We will try to describe all details which we get from a special heritage puja that is 300 years old “Bonedi” cultural Puja. We involved in this puja as closed organizers where we get every details of the total programs.

So enjoy our blog and if any queries plz contact us or mail us on jaitadey100@gmail .com.