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Ujjain Shakti Peeth As 2 Shakti Peeths Are Face To Face Existing In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain Shakti Peeth renowned as two Shakti Peeths established face to face on hills, both deities looking after each of them also. According to Shastra both Shakti Peeths named Harsiddhi Mata Mandir and Avantika Mata Mandir present near Mahakaleshwar Mandir.

History of Ujjain Shakti Peeth

The Hindu Goddesses of ‘Shakti’ incarnations named after Durga, Parvati, Sati and Dakshayani Mata, worshiped for different time of their cause of incarnation with her consort Lord Shiva. . According to the myth concerning the passing of the goddess Sati, Shiva held Sati’s body and travelled the world when Lord Vishnu using his weapon ‘Sudarshan Chakra’, cut her body without disturbing Shiva, for getting back his consciousness to save the earth from his anger. The various pieces of Mata Sati that fell on Earth have became sacred place known as ‘Shakti Peeth’ of Goddess Shakti.

According to legends total 52 pieces of Mata Sati’s body form 51 Shakti Peeths through out India and neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and others. There are 51 Shakti peeths of which 4 are Adi Shakti Peeths, 18 are Mahashakti peeths and the rest are Shakti Peeths, which most of located in India and 7 in Bangladesh, 3 in Pakistan, 2 in Nepal and 1 each in Sri Lanka and Tibet.

Four Adi Shakti Peeths are, Puri Jagarnath Temple, Berhampur Taratarini Temple, Kamakhya Guwahati Temple, and Kolkata Kalighat Kali Temple. In Ujjain Shakti Peeth, there are 2 Shakti Peeths are located face to face near Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple.

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Mata Harsiddhi Temple Of Ujjain Shakti Peeth

Mata Harsiddhi Shakti Peeth is prominently famous of Ujjain Shakti Peeth where Mata Sati’s Elbow fell off. Devotees can prayer and meditation without any problem. The Temple is located near Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple and devotees can enter in the temple and offer warship in the premises freely. One of the incarnation of Shakti is Harsiddhi Mata who is Kuldevi or family Goddess of King Vikramaditya and the old historical temple also found in the Premises.

Ujjain Shakti Peeth
Harsiddhi Temple Ujjain

A Shree Yantra is placed on the roof which is one of the main attraction in this temple. A small shrine just outside the temple dedicated to Mahamaya is another attraction for devotees which is situated a little below ground level and is approachable by steps, but is closed to visitors. It is a lamp which burns day and night and remain burning since ages. The only person who enters the sanctum is the pujari who visits it several times a day for offering prayers to the goddess and maintaining the lamp for burning.

Bhairav Parvat Shakti Peeth Of Ujjain Shakti Peeth

Another Shakti Peeth of Ujjain Shakti Peeth is known as Bhairav Parvat Shakti Peeth. Goddess Shakti is worshiped here as Mata Avantika, one of the incarnation of Goddess Durga. It is believed that upper lip of Mata Sati has fallen here. Variety of colorful stone are used to make the shrine and inside it an idol of Mata Avantika has placed with covered by a red color cloth.

Ujjain Shakti Peeth
Avantika Mata Ujjain

But there is an argument among historians with Bhairav Parvat. Some of them claimed Bhairav Parvat is situated next to Girnar Parvat in Gujrat close to Shipra river near Ujjain where upper lip of Sati fell, is the real place of Shakti Peeth.

When Shastra shows some other argument that Pandit says two Shakti peeth of Ujjain Shakti Peeth placed face to face on Parvat or hills and idols also placed face to face in both mandirs of Harsiddhi and Avantika Mata Temple on Bhairav Parvat. Pandits says according to present situation Harsiddhi Mandir and Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is placed on top of the hill, as described in Shastra Granth.

They also pointed that Avantika Mandir is situated on the ‘Sabha Griha’ of Mahakaleshwar Mandir which is in front of Harsiddhi Mata Mandir. Both Idol Face to face looking each other, as described in Shastra is true.

The argument of Pandits also pointed that it is difficult to visit Avantika Shakti Peeth darshan because it is situated on the ‘Sabha Griha’ of Mahakeleshwar which is not easy to enter due to high security and devotees are not able to visit or facing trouble to visit it.

There is another two Shakti Peeths found in Madhya Pradesh, those are Kalmadhava Shakti Peeth In Amarkantak and Narmada Devi Shondesh Shakti Peeth in Amarkantak.

Kalmadhava Shakti Peeth Amarkantak Near Ujjain Shakti Peeth

Shakti Peeth Temples in Amarkantak, Kalmadhava is the most famous shakti Peeth of Madhya Pradesh, near Ujjain Shakti Peeth dedicated to Goddess Kalmadhava or Mata Kali. The Temple is renowned for granting its devotees’ wishes. Amarkantak is famous for religious aspect for Hindu in Chitrakoot and also the River Narmada. Kalmadhava represents Goddess Shakti or Kali Mata in Kalmadhava Shakti Peeth, where Goddess Shakti’s right hips fell. Goddess Kalmadhava appears as Kali Mata on the Kalmadhava Shakti Peeth and Lord Shiva appears as Asitananda.

Narmada Devi Shondesh Shakti Peeth Amarkantak Near Ujjain Shakti Peeth

Shondesh Shakti Peeth Temple honours Goddess Sati as Narmada Devi and is located in Amarkantak, near Ujjain Shakti Peeth, Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that Mata Sati’s right buttock fell here. The Shondesh Shakti Peeth temple’s sanctum sanctorum has a statue of Mata Narmada is in the center with encircled by golden ‘Mukut’ all around it and the goddess idols within a few meters on opposite side. The podium holding the idol of Mata Narmada is made of silver. The architecture of the Temple considered to be the great with constructed of white stone surrounded by ponds. This is an incredible  and famous shakti peeth in Madhya Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. How many Shakti Peeth in Ujjain ?

Ans. 1. There is two Shakti Peeths in Ujjain face to face are Mata Harsiddhi and Mata Avantika Shakti Peeth.

Ques 2. Which body part of Sati fell in Ujjain Shakti Peeth ?

Ans 2. Mata Harsiddhi Shakti Peeth is prominently famous of Ujjain Shakti Peeth where Mata Sati’s Elbow fell off and Avantika Shakti Peeth where Upper lip of Mata Sati fell off.

Ques 3. Why is Ujjain Famous ?

Ans 3. Ujjain is Famous for Mahakaleshwar Joytirilinga Temple and Harsiddhi Mata Shakti Peeth.

Ques 4. What is another name of Ujjain ?

Ans 4. Ujjain is also known as Avantikapuri.

Ques 5. How many rivers are joined in ‘Sangam’ of Ujjain ?

Ans 5. Three famous rivers are joined in ‘Sangam’ are Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

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