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Top 8 Best Pilgrimage In Nepal For Buddhism and Hinduism Religious Holy Places

Centuries old temples of several Hindu Gods and Goddess among best pilgrimage in Nepal are famous for Buddhism and Hinduism religious holy places. The temple of Lord Pashupatinath and the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Lumbini, has enhanced the glory of Nepal’s pilgrimage tourism in recent times.

Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Located at the high altitude of Himalayas Nepal is famous for religious and spectacular natural beauty. The pristine places of Nepal is home to several temples and pilgrimage of Buddhist shrine and monasteries sitting on the bank of holy rivers Bagmati, Koshi and Gandoki which attracts devotees from the world, as well as South and South East Asia mainly.

Here is some of the famous Hindu and Buddhist shrines which are the famous and religiously significant for their unique recognition.

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1. Muktinath Temple is Holiest Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Located at the Mustang district in the height of 3,710 meters above from the sea level, famous for the pilgrimage of Shaligram, among best pilgrimage in Nepal. Shaligram a sacred stone which is considered as an idol of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism which is only found in the Kaligandaki river.

Best Pilgrimage In Nepal
Muktinath Temple

Although the journey of Muktinath was complicated since long time ago, thousands of Hindu believers have come here to pay tribute. But, now a days after mototable road used for public transport. Its easy to go Muktinath for pilgrimage tour.

The Temple is also known as ‘Mukti Kshetra’, which actually mean ‘The Place Of Salvation’ or ‘Moksh’. Muktinath Temple is one of the most ancient temple of the God Vishnu and one of 51 Shati Peeth of Goddess Shakti also. The holy shrine of lord Vishnu one of the 8 sacred tirtha kshetra known as Swayam Vakta Kshetra, darshan of 108 of his incarnations or Divya Darsan places.

2. Pashupatinath Temple is Heritage Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Pashupatinath Temple is believed to be the most sacred place of Hindu among best pilgrimage in Nepal. Located on the bank of Bagmati river in the East of Kathmandu, stretched wide with the Ashram. The idol of Jyotirlinga in the Pashupatinath temple is called the head of the body, and the twelve Jyotirlinga Temples spread around India.

The significant role of the Temple is that Hindu devotees wish to meet death at this place to get rid of all sins and rebirth as human being and also knowing that they will be cremated at the riverbank, from which they can begin a new journey with the flowing river and travel wherever the current takes them.

Astrologers in the temple waiting for visitors and upon being asked, predict the exact day and time the person is going to die. Older peoples spent their last moment of life on the Temple, and almost every ritual performs in the premises after their death. The famous heritage of Nepal, Pashupatinath Temple was declared as UNESCO world heritage in 1979.

3. Dakshin Kali Temple Is Powerful Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Dakshin Kali Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, incarnation of Mata Parvati is worship as fierce power among best pilgrimage in Nepal. The Dakshin kali Temple is most important Hindu temple in Nepal. Goddess Kali is fierce incarnation of Mata Sati for winning against devil. The Temple was built in 1855 by Rani Rashmoni, who was renowned devotee of Kali Mata.

The fame of Dakshin Kali appeared as a divine force who save earth from dangerous demons named Chanda and Munda. She offered as Bhog with fresh blood of sacrificing Goats and Cockerels in twice a week. The deity of Dakshin Kali with four armed, having sword in one hand, a skull and heads on other two hands. The fierce incarnation of Kali is called ‘Chamunda’ is described in idol.

The Dakshinkali Temple is main attraction during the Dashain Festival, a popular Hindu festival. The festival falls in September or October every year and continues for fifteen days and also known as Nepalese Durga Puja. During this festival, rush of devotees visit here with offering animals along with other prasad to the Goddess.

The temple management arranges grand feasts during these weeks. The mystical aura of grand celebrations with loud chanting Mantras and echoes of the instruments like drums, bells, cymbals over flooded through the valley. The best time to visit this holy place is surely it is !

4. Danta Kali Temple Is Famous Shakti Peeth Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Danta Kali Temple was built after it is dedicated Shakti Peeth among best pilgrimage in Nepal. It is believed that Teeth of Mata Sati was fell here and Danta Kali Shakti Peeth came to an exist. Located 3 km away from Dharan, Bijayapur village. The place is significant Shakti Peeth for Hindus and visited huge number of devotees at Dashain Festival.

According to the legend, the temple named after the ‘Teeth’ or ‘Danta’ of Mata Sati, which is fell here when Lord Shiva carried her body after her death. The corpuses of Mata Sati fell different parts of earth where a Shakti Peeth has established on that places which is spread around India and it’s neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Assam and more.

5. Guhyeshwari Temple is Tantric Shakti Peeth Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Guhyeshwari Temple is most significant as Hindu Tantric Shakti Peeth among best pilgrimage in Nepal. Located near Pashupatinath Temple on the bank of Bagmati river, the temple is a center of Tantric and spiritual pandits. The temple was built in 17th Century by Kung Mala.

It is believed that ‘Guhya’ or Knowledge of Sati was Fell here and the Temple came to an existence. According to legends where ever corpuses of Sati fell after her death, (when Lord Shiva carried her dead body), a Shakti Peeth has established. Goddess Guhyeshwari is worshipped in water filled Kalash and it is decorated with gold and silver ornaments.

The Temple is simple architectural shrine with colorful design painted on the pillars and walls. It is only allowed to enter Hindus strictly in the premises.

6. Tal Barahi Temple Is Glorious Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Tal Barahi also known as Lake Temple or Varahi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Varahi, an incarnation of Goddess Durga is famous among best pilgrimage in Nepal. Tal Barahi Temple is equally adorable for Hindu and Buddhist. Year old two storied Pagoda style Temple located in an Island of Phewa Lake in Pokhara, is also popular tourists destination in Nepal.

According to Legend Goddess Durga once had taken the avatar of ‘Varaha’ to kill the demons for destruction of Evil. Varaha or Baraha means ‘Boar’ in Nepalese language. The Temple was built by King Kulmandhan Shah of Shah Dynasty. He built a dam near the Phewa lake to control the inflow of the lake to build an island for temple.

The Island was made this way to establish the foundation of Barahi Temple. It is said after killing demon Goddess Barahi visited Pokhara and decided to stay here. She came in to his dream and according to her wish King Kulmandhan, who was known ardent devotee of Mata Barahi, decided to build an island to place the Temple of Mata Barahi.

The Temple made of traditional pagoda style architecture, made of wood, bricks, and stones with a large premises, has beautiful accommodations for spend some moment for enjoying the calm serene and stunning ambience of Pokhara. Visiting Phewa Lake, sailing to the island and exploring the temple is must be your itinerary in Pokhara..

7. Maya Devi Temple In Lumbini Is Heritage Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini is most ancient sacred place among best pilgrimage in Nepal. The temple is known for the birth place of Gautam Buddha, and a heritage of Lumbini, Nepal. It is also recognized world heritage site by UNESCO and a Buddhist cultural center for educationist and researchers around the world.

Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

The temple boasts a pond called ‘Pushkarini’ and a garden which is famous for the part of lifecycle of Buddha. The ruins are found here is evidence of archeologically is the time of Asoka’s. Maya Devi is mother of Gautam Buddha, given birth to him on 563 BC. The Temple is built in 1978 and still under progress.

Bodhi Tree in Lumbini is also present in the premises of the Maya Devi Temple beside Pushkarini. The significance of this tree originated from Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, where Buddha attained Enlightenment and Nirvana after long years of Meditation before his death. Monks are often sit under the tree for Meditation and Prayer.

A big old Peepal Tree clad in colorful prayer flags, in which wishes are made by devotees are often granted as believed. After he left his throne, became an ascetic, achieved enlightenment and taught about his observations, through entire his life span Bodhi Tree played an significant role till his death. The Bodhi Tree is immensely sacred in Buddhism due to that reason among best pilgrimage in Nepal.

8. Budhanikantha Temple Is Marvelous Among Best Pilgrimage In Nepal

Budhanikantha Temple is marvelous architectural evidence among best pilgrimage in Nepal. The Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and also famous for an enigmatic black stone idol of resting God. The over 1000 years old sculpture, carved in a single block of black stone which is submerged in water lying in a pool.

According to the Legends, Budhanilkantha deity which floats in water was brought to Kathmandu during the reign of Vishnu Gupta in the 17th century. The Haribondhini Ekadashi Mela in October or November celebrate the awakening of Lord Vishnu from a very long sleep and the rush of devotees around the world participate here with full enthusiasm.


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